2013 NADAC Championships – Triple Crown

Hi Everyone!

For everyone who may be entering the Triple Crown Division of the 2013 NADAC Championships;  For the TTW classes (Tunnelers, Touch N Go, Weavers) all dogs will run ELITE courses, there are no separate divisions for Novice, Open, Elite…. The Triple Crown dogs will all run at the Elite level, they may later transfer any qualifying rounds to Open or Novice if needed after the event, but “at” the event they will compete on Elite courses.

All Triple Crown entries run the same courses.  There will also be a distance challenge on all TTW courses for the Triple Crown entries, just like in Regular, and there are faults if the distance challenge is failed or not attempted.


For EGC, all Triple Crown entries will run Elite courses, regardless of their “weekend” levels.  Points earned can be transferred back to Open or Novice after the event, but all entries will run the same courses and those courses will be at the Elite level.  Triple Crown entries cannot stipulate in their entries that they will be running at the Open or Novice level during their runs.

Many people have entered the Triple Crown division as a “what the heck, why not?” attitude, but I don’t want people to start the event if their dog is not prepared for the competition level that they will be facing.

Running for seven days straight is not for the meek and unprepared teams!

For entry into the SuperStakes Triple Crown, the teams must have earned a 15 or 20 point bonus in every NADAC class (Chances, Jumpers, Touch N Go, Tunnelers, Weavers and TWO bonuses in Regular) during the current year.


A team may compete in the Regular division of the Triple Crown and the SuperStakes division of the Championships if they have not met the requirements for the SuperStakes Triple Crown.I am not trying to dissuade any teams from entering, but they need to be aware that they will be faced with some very difficult challenges and I don’t want them to be shocked or discouraged from day 1.

Come, have fun, and be ready to compete at the uppermost competitive level when you enter the Triple Crown division!

Veterans/JH/VH teams my enter and jump their appropriate jump heights, but they will be competing against the Standard division dogs of their standard height group.. ie, a Proficient Veteran dog might jump 16″, but they would be competing with 20″ Standard division dogs.  A Skilled Veteran dog might jump 12″ but they will be competing against 16″ Standard division dogs, unless there is more than 12 entries for a Vet/JH/VH group and then they will be separated.  We will make as many splits as we can, but we must have a competitive number of entries before we make a split.Good luck to all and come ready to have the time of your life!!

Sharon Nelson

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